Air-cooled Condenser Coils

  • Air-cooled Condenser Coils


  Air-cooled Condenser Coils, A coils, Server room air conditioner, server room cooling system, Internet data center cooling system, air cooled condenser, air cooler condenser. YehJeh provide V shaped (or called A shaped) air conditioner coils that ensure excellent heat transfer capabilities and satisfy limited machine height. YehJeh’s product has high quality and reliability that be used to server room of Taiwan TOP3 teleservice company.

|Copper pipe:

   ∅ 7mm, ∅ 7.94mm,∅9.52mm


  Fin patterns:Copper、Aluminum、Aluminum(Hydrophilic)、Aluminum(Hydrophobic)

  Types:Flat、Corrugation、Single side louvered fin、Double side louvered fin